Themed Approach

Our themed approach

Each half term there is a different whole school theme that relates to a different area of the curriculum:

Each year group’s topic and literacy lessons link to this theme.

We use the term ‘topic’ because we make use of cross-curricular links when they are meaningful and appropriate. For example, a history themed topic about the local history of Greenwich involved a topic lesson making clay models of the Greenwich coat of arms so art and history were linked.

We link writing and topic so children can develop further knowledge around a topic, which then enriches and informs their writing in literacy – particularly non-fiction writing.

Year 1 and year 2 follow the same topics each year. In KS2 (years 3-6), years 3 and 4 following the same topics over a two-year cycle and years 5 and 6 do the same.

Cick here to see the curriculum map showing the topics for this year.


Knowledge Organisers

This year, we are also working on building knowledge organisers for each topic. This sets out all the key vocabulary and subject knowledge for a topic that the children will need. The children use these throughout the half term and we send them home to parents and carers too.


Years 5 and 6


Years 3 and 4


Year 2


Year 1


Learning Journey

Children follow a learning journey for each topic, which starts with an open question about the topic at the beginning of the half term. They then work towards being able to answer this question over the half term, giving their learning purpose.

See some examples of our learning journeys below: