Henwick Primary School



The Ambition Federation 


The Ambition Federation of schools was established in 9th October 2023 and our federation values are Collaborate, Educate and Empower. We are three schools, working together in partnership and collaboration. Building on each other’s strengths, and drawing support and encouragement from each other to positively impact the lives of our pupils and community.

The federation consists of three schools:

      Henwick Primary School, Henwick Rd, Eltham, SE9 6NZ.


      Cardwell Primary School, Frances Street, Woolwich, SE18 5LP.


      Eglinton Primary School, Paget Rise, WoolwichSE18 3PY.


The Royal Borough of Greenwich have supported the federation and the Governing Boards for all schools have been amalgamated to form one new Governing Board from 9th October 2023. If you would like to see more about the governing board Click Here.


The Ambition Federation leadership structure:

L Lazell

Executive Headteacher of The Ambition Federation of Schools (Cardwell, Henwick & Eglinton Primary Schools)  


R Dunbabin

Head of School of Cardwell Primary School


C Lotriet

Head of School of Henwick Primary School



Head of School of Eglinton Primary School