Henwick Primary School



Lyfta Time

Lyfta is an immersive learning platform that allows children to experience the lives of real people from around the globe, through interactive 360° spaces and captivating short films. Each week, children in KS2 at Henwick have the opportunity to explore a different story and this is known as Lyfta Time. Each week in our newsletter, children share their thoughts from their class discussions.

Through Lyfta Time sessions, children at Henwick see and learn about a wide variety of positive human stories modelling resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, and many other critical skills, values and competencies. It helps them to develop a greater understanding about how interconnected and interdependent we are, and gain a deep awareness of their power and role in the world.

Lyfta Time helps strengthen and build on our values of belonging, respect, compassion, collaboration and ambition.