Henwick Primary School



Henwick PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Parents and Carers,

Henwick PTA is a registered charity and therefore we have a constitution that we must follow. Every year we need to hold an AGM in which all current members of the PTA have to step down and be re-elected. As a group of 5 members we need at least 10 people present for the AGM for it to be valid.

This year we are inviting you to join us for our AGM on Wednesday 1st May at 9am in the dining hall. There will be tea/coffee and biscuits and a chance to talk to the team, offer suggestions of improvement or get involved. If we do not have enough attendees we will hold a secondary AGM on Monday 13th May at 8pm via zoom with links sent out at a later date.

At the moment the current roles are as follows:

Chair: Mohammed Basid

Treasurer: Jen Armstrong

Large Events Co-ordinator: Danielle Lane Small Events Co-ordinator: Bobbie Nolan Ordinary Member: Clementine Day.

We are always looking for parents and carers to join our PTA, whether this be in a named role or as an ordinary member. If you would like to join please send an email to henwickpta@outlook.com expressing your interest by Friday 26th April. We are also looking for a secretary but we are very flexible if you feel you could bring a certain role to the team advertising, social media etc. If you don't want a specific role you can join as an ordinary member.

If you have any questions please email us or stop one of us in the playground at drop off or pick up.


Henwick PTA