Henwick Primary School



Leap Year Cake Sale

Dear Parents and Carers, 

With the extra leap day fast approaching we wanted to remind you of our exciting cake sale we have planned. But we need your help to make this extra special.

We would like you to show off your baking powers by donating your cake efforts, for us to use to help raise valuable school funds.

Kindly get your provided cake to us either on Wednesday 28th at pick up / drop off or on the day itself in the morning. Please make sure to label all the ingredients used on your cake to help those with any allergies. Please also remember the school is a nut free school. 

We will be hosting our cake sale in the playground on Thursday 29th Feb at 3:10pm in Winchcombe Playground

Of course those who are not great bakers can also contribute by either donating a shop bought cake and or buying the cakes on sale on the day 🙂

We look forward to seeing what you produce.

Kind regards,

Henwick PTA