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What is the PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association of Henwick Primary School (Henwick PTA) was formed in January 2016 and is an organisation of parents/carers and school staff. We aim to support Henwick Primary School through fundraising and social events and provide closer links between the school and parents/carers.

The structure of Henwick PTA

All parents/carers and school employees are automatically members of Henwick PTA. The PTA's current elected committee consists of:

  • Mohammed Basid (Chair)
  • Jennifer Armstrong (Treasurer)
  • Danielle Lane (Large Events Coordinator)
  • Bobbi Nolan (Small Events Coordinator)
  • Clementine Day (Ordinary Member)

What we aim to do

We plan to raise money generally through events – for example a school uniform sale, Christmas fair, cake sale...We are always looking for new fundraising ideas. We would also like to organise social events for the parents/carers to get to know each other and thereby fostering the community spirit.

How we plan to spend the money

We will always try and respond to the children’s requests; it will be great to see them having fun at the events or enjoying using a piece of new equipment that Henwick PTA will have donated. One recent wish the children expressed was to have a climbing frame in the playground; this could be our fundraising goal for the foreseeable future.

How you can help?

You are welcome to share your ideas at monthly PTA meetings which are held variably during the daytime and in the evenings to ensure that everyone can attend. You can also simply grab any of us in the playground or email HenwickPTA@outlook.com. Even half an hour of your time is a tremendous help to our community. Everyone can do their bit - helping on a stall, donating old toys or cakes for sale, helping to decorate the hall for the fair – there is plenty to do and every offer of help will be taken up.

Thank you for your support!

Did you know that you can raise money for Henwick PTA without any additional expense to yourself or your family?

EasyFundraising will donate a percentage of your online purchases directly to Henwick PTA. Raise money for the PTA while doing your weekly shop at Morrisons/Iceland/Sainsbury’s and many more. Download the Easyfundraising app and sign up to support Henwick Primary School PTA.

Another easy way of raising money is to buy a lottery ticket through yourschoollottery.co.uk .  You will have a weekly chance to with the draw for our school, and also be in with a chance to win the jackpot if you match all the numbers. We have raised thousands for the school already, why not join in?

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