Henwick Primary School




At Henwick Primary School we believe that the skills children develop through Music can have a hugely positive impact on many areas of their life and learning and also can increase self-confidence and creativity.

Singing forms a core part of what we do at Henwick. All children take part in Musical Mondays through our enthusiastic and enjoyable singing assemblies. In addition to this all pupils explore music within their classes, in which many areas of musicianship (such as listening, notation, and composition) are taught through songs and singing games as an integral part of our cross curricular thematic approach.

Children have the opportunity to learn about the history of music, appreciate music throughout the years and investigate music across the world through the different topics that they learn about in class.  Children are able to find out about composers and musicians throughout the ages, as well as develop an appreciation of music drawn from different traditions.
We extend these skills where pupils are given the opportunity to perform as part of a choir or take individual or group instrument lessons. Children work towards performances both in and out of school, including end of school concerts and recitals.